What to Expect After Rhinoplasty Surgery

What to expect after a rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a “nose job,” is a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance and function of the nose. This type of surgery is common and can help correct various issues, including a misshapen nose, a crooked nose, and breathing problems. Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires a skilled surgeon […]

How does obesity affect the musculoskeletal system?

Obesity affects musculoskeletal system

When talking about overweight and obesity, the most common thing is to think about aesthetic issues: physical appearance, available sizes, and conditions that affect self-esteem. However, the most critical issue is excessive body fat’s impact on health. The musculoskeletal system is one of the most affected by being overweight. That’s why we will tell you […]

Choosing the right Bariatric Surgeon is a serious task

Choice of bariatric surgeon

Talking about obesity has become very controversial in recent times. The truth is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has considered obesity as one of the epidemics of the 21st century that has reached alarming dimensions around the world. In Mexico, according to data from the Ministry of Health, obesity is related to 77% of […]

Breast cancer, how early detection changes the whole picture?

Breast cancer, early detection

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Breast cancer is a serious disease with around 264,000 cases diagnosed in women and 2,400 cases in men each year. And, unfortunately, each year about 42,000 women and 500 men die from this disease. Today we will tell you in short what breast cancer […]

Learn about the 5 most common eye diseases

5 Most common eye diseases

The eye is an organ as small as it is complex since it is in charge of sight. It is made up of three layers: the outer one called the sclera, the middle or choroid, and the inner part, which is the retina, which is the nervous or sensory layer. Inside the eye is a […]

What you should consider when choosing your plastic surgeon

how to choose a plastic surgeon

Are you considering undergoing plastic surgery and don’t know where to turn? There are many plastic surgeons and the choice becomes even more difficult due to the variety of offers, as well as comments from friends or family that can make you fear plastic surgery. On the following text we will offer you some recommendations […]

Discover the Most Common Injuries in Sports

tennis player with possible injury

Sport has many health benefits. It helps us sleep well, maintain a healthy weight, have a good mood, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and socialize. However, the risk of injuring yourself while exercising is always present; by not warming up correctly, a fall, a bad step, by colliding with an object or person, or […]

7 ways to boost your immune system

boost your immune system

Our Immune System is the first line of defense against pathogens that cause disease, such as viruses and bacteria. When our body detects the presence of harmful microorganisms, it attacks them through antibodies;  which are proteins that adhere to microorganisms, attack and weaken them until they are eliminated, leaving substances called antigens that help the […]

How Dangerous are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine Fibroids

An issue that many women face is Uterine Fibroids, which are tumors that develop inside the uterus or along the uterine wall.  These growths, which range in size, typically affect women during their childhood-bearing years up through menopause.  But are they dangerous?  They are usually non-cancerous, but they can cause several problems, ranging from mild […]

Reasons to Undergo Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

  Knee Surgery is not something most people look forward to.  But thanks to new medical technology, it’s not as bad as you might think. Arthroscopic Surgery is the process of repairing bone or tissue using a scope attached with a camera and tiny surgical equipment, inserted into a joint through a tiny incision, which […]