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Choosing the right Bariatric Surgeon is a serious task

Choice of bariatric surgeon

Talking about obesity has become very controversial in recent times. The truth is that the World Health Organization (WHO) has considered obesity as one of the epidemics of the 21st century that has reached alarming dimensions around the world.

In Mexico, according to data from the Ministry of Health, obesity is related to 77% of deaths, due to problems such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

The bariatric surgeon has become an increasingly demanded specialist to combat obesity. Either through changes in diet or with bariatric procedures such as the intragastric balloon, better known as “balloon”, the sleeve, or the gastric bypass.

If you are considering improving your life through bariatric surgery, on this blog we will be giving you some recommendations to choose the surgeon that will help you improve your health and quality of life.


Look for a professional with the right credentials and certifications

First, you should know that bariatrics is not the same as nutrition. The term bariatrics has been around since 1965, arising from the Greek root bari (weight) and the suffix iatr (treatment).

The bariatrician first studies general medicine and to be a Surgeon if he will be performing surgery. And later he must be studying a specialty on Clinical or surgical Bariatrics.

For his part, nutritionist study for a degree in nutrition. This means that he cannot perform surgical procedures, while the bariatrician can.

To make sure that the bariatrician you are considering visiting is certified, you can go to the website of the National Regulatory Committee of Medical Specialty Councils (CONACEM), by searching their full name and specialty.

In addition, the surgeon must belong to the Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases (CMCOEM) and you can check this information on its official website.


Find out everything you can about the surgeon

Nowadays, doing research is easier than you think. Searching the surgeon’s website, his social networks and writing his name to find all that has been mentioned about the doctor can be easy. Focusing primarily on his career as a doctor and the reviews and ratings of his work, will be giving you a full picture of his career.

On many occasions, the positive reviews are made by people who have undergone surgery and who leave their profiles on social networks so that you can see the change after the intervention. If possible, contact a few patients to learn about their experience with the specialist.


Schedule an appointment

It may seem like a waste of time and money to go to a specialist who you don’t know if you will continue consulting. However, this point is important to get to know the specialist who will be behind your operation closely and make sure that you feel confident, that you have the security to ask questions, that he solves all your questions and gives you the peace of mind that you need when making a decision that will undoubtedly have a great impact on your life.


Ask about the operating room and investigate the hospital where the intervention will take place

Many bariatricians see their patients in an office and have agreements to perform the surgery in a private hospital. If this is the case, analyze the options you have since you must choose the one that best suits your budget too. Also investigate how well equipped the operating room is and whether it has the capability of dealing with emergencies.

If the bariatrician’s office is in the hospital where the surgery will take place, you can request a guided tour of the facilities so that you have more confidence and peace of mind that you will be treated there.

On the other hand, just as you will be investigating the reputation of the bariatrician, we recommend that you also investigate the hospital: whether it has permits from the State Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) with the health certification and with all the necessary resources to attend a possible complication.

For example, in Tijuana, NewCity Hospital is a clinic with multidisciplinary services, medical care in emergency cases, and intensive therapy rooms attending to any possible emergency that may arise during or after the intervention.


Multidisciplinary team

In many cases, the bariatrician does not work alone. A nurse, an anesthesiologist and a nutrition and psychological care team is needed so that the patient´s emotional and mental conditions are good at the time of surgery and after. All this support is needed since you will be going through a process which will be changing your life.


Post-surgical care

In bariatric surgery, the postoperative period and the follow-up of the patient’s evolution is essential so that he is in good health. The goal is achieving and maintaining new habits and not letting old harmful habits to return.

When it comes to choosing a bariatric surgeon (or any specialty), the most important thing is to make sure you are in good hands and have the best medical care.

If you are looking for the best medical care in Tijuana, Mexico and you don’t know where to go, at New City Medical Plaza you will find the ideal alternative for you. With a strategic location, modern facilities and certified bariatricians that will provide you with the care you need to achieve your ideal weight and recover your quality of life.

In addition, you will find NewCity Hospital, a first-world clinic, with modern facilities, an ER Service, specialized care, and various specialties such as our bariatric surgeons in Tijuana.

Come and discover the great multidisciplinary resources at NewCity Medical Plaza, which includes: a clinical analysis laboratory, a hospital pharmacy, a hotel and spa, a shopping mall, and amenities to have an experience, especially for clients who visit us from abroad.

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