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Reasons to Undergo Arthroscopic Knee Surgery

Arthroscopic Knee Surgery


Knee Surgery is not something most people look forward to.  But thanks to new medical technology, it’s not as bad as you might think.

Arthroscopic Surgery is the process of repairing bone or tissue using a scope attached with a camera and tiny surgical equipment, inserted into a joint through a tiny incision, which can make repairs on damage or injury.  When performed on the knee, Arthroscopic Surgery can address a wide range of conditions, such as repairing a damaged meniscus, removing bone fragments, restoring damaged cartilage, or even correcting dislocations.  It’s very different from conventional Knee Surgery and is generally conducted on an outpatient basis.

Why Arthroscopic Surgery?

There are so many ways that Arthroscopic Knee Surgery is a choice of so many patients and their surgeons. There are several important reasons.

It is minimally invasive.  Because the incision is so small, it doesn’t even compare to the cutting  doctors once made on the knee to get to the targeted area—all the work is done internally by the scope.

It causes less damage to surrounding tissue.  Because there is no deep cutting involved, muscle tissue in the knee is relatively undisturbed.  This also results in less post-op pain and an easier recovery process.

It presents less risk of infection.  Because the entry site is only about an inch long, there is less possibility of infection that can follow any surgery.

It is usually performed under local anesthetic.  Only when extensive repair is necessary does arthroscopic knee surgery require a general anesthetic.  A local, injected into the entry site, saves the patient from undergoing additional risk of being fully anesthetized.

It results in less scaring.  Since only a small area is affected—and because a minimum of stitches may be needed—the patient will not see a “roadmap” of unattractive sutures that leave a large permanent scar.

Following Arthroscopic Knee Surgery and Physical Therapy, the patient is usually able to resume a normal lifestyle in 3-4 weeks.  Post-op pain is minimal and can be controlled with over-the-counter medications. In time, patients will never know they had a surgery.  But they will notice the difference!

If you are having knee problems, let New City Medical Plaza help you.  The highly qualified Orthopedic Surgeons at New City are experts at Arthroscopic Procedures and will provide you with the easiest possible solution to your knee problems.  Contact them today!

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