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What you should consider when choosing your plastic surgeon

how to choose a plastic surgeon

Are you considering undergoing plastic surgery and don’t know where to turn? There are many plastic surgeons and the choice becomes even more difficult due to the variety of offers, as well as comments from friends or family that can make you fear plastic surgery.

On the following text we will offer you some recommendations in order to choose the best plastic surgeon.

Search in specialized directories

You can probably find advertisements for different surgeons on your favorite social networks. However, consulting specialized directories will give you more certainty about the surgeon’s credentials and you will be able to obtain more information about the doctor’s specialty, other patient´s opinions and photographs of his work.


We recommend you choose 3 to 5 options and contact the specialists to find out important information, such as proximity to your home, comfort or transfer options, as well as card payments, among other information that seems important to you.

Schedule an assessment appointment

Some plastic surgeons offer assessment appointments at no cost, others charge a minimal amount. Going to a first visit is very important to meet the specialist personally, discuss your wishes, expectations, doubts and listen to the recommendations he gives you based on your goals.

Ask about the place where your surgery would be performed, ask to see photographs of other patients who have undergone the same procedure that interests you.In addition to explaining the details of the intervention, the place where it will be performed and answering your questions, it is important that you feel empathy and confidence from the surgeon, in order for you to put your health in his hands.

Make sure you know their educational background

When choosing a plastic surgeon you should make sure that he is a specialized doctor with credentials, that he is part of associations of plastic surgeons and that he generally has good opinions on social networks. Be wary of those who do not show their certifications, professional license or official titles.Unfortunately, there are general practitioners who usually practice as surgeons, or even those who study another medicine specialty and want to perform cosmetic surgery. For example, a maxillofacial surgeon can perform a bichectomy, but not neck liposuction or a facelift.

The surgeon's specialty and experience

Within plastic surgery specialty there are different subspecialties, which may be aimed at reconstruction in case of accidents, oncological treatments or congenital malformations. As well as those focused on the aesthetic area.Similarly, aesthetic plastic surgeons have experience in specific procedures, such as: liposuction, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, among others. And choosing a surgeon with vast experience and specialization in the type of surgery you are going to undergo is a guarantee that you will obtain excellent results.

Feedback from other patients

Searching for reviews on the surgeon’s social media platforms is not enough, you can also do a direct Google search for the surgeon’s name, ask for specialized forums, or contact someone who claims to have had surgery with the surgeon to get their opinion.Take into account the possible negative comments you find. They are not always real and many could be written by the competition, but if there are many, they do not have an answer, or there are complaints from people who say that their comments have been deleted, be suspicious and look for another option.

Visit the hospital where the surgery will be performed

It is very important that the surgeon tells you which hospitals he can operate on. Some doctors have an office to assess their patients and give them different options for intervention. This influences the quality level of the operating room, rooms and medical care. Also, if you travel from another city or country, it is important that you know if the hospital has recovery and aftercare services, so that your postoperative intervention process is comfortable and safe.Some hospitals have spa services, recovery house, or nearby hotels for your stay during the postoperative period.

Intervention price

The surgeon must inform you about the price of his fees, the payment of the hospital, operating room, medications and all the necessary expenses, so that you have a defined budget. You should also know what the aftercare is, especially if you need to take a few days or weeks for recovery.

If you travel from another city or country, the surgeon must inform you about postoperative visits, so that you plan your stay and do not have to travel again.

We recommend that you mistrust of prices that are too cheap. Plastic surgeries are expensive since they require specific medical instruments, technology and highly trained specialists. However, it is also not a guarantee that the most expensive surgeons are the best. Make sure you don’t fall for pseudo-specialists.

We hope this information will be useful to you. At New City Medical Plaza, the most important medical center in Latin America one of the most visited borders in the world, you will find specialized plastic surgeons in Tijuana, first world facilities, bilingual staff, lodging and wellness services, food and entertainment so that you enjoy your stay and obtain the best results with your intervention.

Find your specialist with us and schedule your appointment.

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