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Tummy tuck: complete guide you should know

tummy tuck

Time For a Tummy Tuck?

We all like to look good, especially at the pool or at the beach. But sometimes because of events beyond our control, we may not feel as comfortable in a bathing suit as we once did.  Exercise helps, but sometimes it’s not enough, especially after pregnancy or a Caesarean (C-Section).  One of the ways we can recapture a youthful body contour is through what is known as abdominoplasty (“Tummy Tuck”) which surgically removes excess fat and skin from the abdominal region.   This procedure has become extremely common and is also performed in conjunction with other surgeries, such as liposuction and breast reduction.  

How Does it Work?

A Tummy Tuck is performed in a hospital or surgery center, under a general anesthesia, like any other operation.  After making an incision from the stomach area down to the pubic bones, the surgeon—who specializes in this procedure–removes sagging fat and skin from the abdominal region, while tightening the remaining tissue with connective sutures.  Before the surgery, your doctor will carefully mark areas on your abdomen to guide his/her work once the operation begins.  Generally, the actual surgery takes 2-5 hours, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed.

What is Recovery Like?

Like most other surgeries, abdominoplasties require supervised recuperation protocols.  As soon as the patient has recovered from the anesthesia, he or she will be sent home to start the healing process.  Prescription pain medications may be prescribed for a short time to prevent discomfort.  For the first few weeks, the patient is free to move around, but has to avoid bending or stretching as a precautionary measure.  Regular follow-up with the physician is required to monitor your progress as your skin and muscles heal.  Long term, if the patient maintains the same weight, probably no further “tucks” will be needed.

If you are generally in good health (your pre-surgery consultations will determine this), a tummy tuck may be for you.  In addition to the obvious benefits, patients may also find it to be a huge psychological boost as well, as it may enhance body image and self-esteem.  Choosing the right surgeon for the entire process is crucial.  New City Medical Plaza offers highly qualified bariatric surgeons in Tijuana to guide you through your Tummy Tuck and your follow-up after the surgery.  Make arrangements today to consult with them and find out if a Tummy Tuck is in your future.

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