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Back at the beginning of NewCity Medical Plaza, it had participated in wide-ranging activities, such as consuls´ meetings, company and opinion leaders from the West Coast of the United States. In a short time, NCMP has been an international award-winner due to its leadership performance, developers and teamwork who have broadcast Medical Tourism.

The night of November 9, at 7 pm London time, The Global Awards rewarded Isaac Abadi, who represented NewCity Medical Plaza, as the CEO of Grupo Abadi being the company of world innovation healthcare for medical tourism in 2017.

The Global Awards have been created to celebrate and reward the best individual and company performances in Seniors Housing/Care Trends, Healthcare IT, Apps/Digital Innovation, Disability Housing and Care Services and the Medical Tourism sectors worldwide.

It is grateful for NewCity Medical Plaza getting this award, which represents recognition and representation of how the Medical Tourism industry should be run — competent, providing outstanding patient care and achieving the best medical results possible.

The Excellence in Healthcare (Medical Tourism) Award

On April 26, the Smart & Health conference was held in Las Vegas; this event focuses on the latest innovations in the health sector, such as VR and Big data. Smart & Health is one of the best healthcare conferences; its big focus is to change the way you think about the health sector. It is a platform where people from all areas of health care bring together to have fruitful conversations that will impact the future.

On the other hand, this conference has the purpose of rewarding and recognizing companies dedicated to improving the health industry. The organizers of this event researched companies that belong to this sector, where the committee finalized the list of winners after qualifying them with various parameters.

New City Medical Plaza had the honor of being nominated in the category of Excellence in Health Care in the area of ​​Medical Tourism for which it was awarded. Isaac Abadi (CEO of Grupo Abadi) personally received this recognition for the efforts and positive impact on the healthcare industry, technological integration, healthcare and innovation.

Recognition of companies that promote Medical Tourism

For the ninth consecutive year, on May 24 and 25, 2018, in Aguascalientes. The 9th edition of the Medical Tourism Congress was held in the Thirteenth Forum, which received more than 300 visitors and had more than 20 exhibitors. In which was the participation of Grupo Abadi with three of its business units; Progencell, dedicated to stem cell treatments, DHI Hair Restoration Clinic with innovative hair implant treatment and the most innovative development of Medical Tourism in Mexico, NewCity Medical Plaza that opened its doors in early 2019.

The purpose of this event is to bring together exhibitors related to topics of interest of Medical Tourism that allow everyone to update themselves on the subject, as well as holding business meetings where medical facilitators, national and international, can make negotiations that benefit the health tourism sector.

During the opening ceremony, the organizer of the congress and President of the Mexican Council of Medical Tourism, Carlos Arceo, together with the head of the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Aguascalientes, Irma Medrano Parada, who presented an award to the companies that promote Medical Tourism, including NewCity Medical Plaza. A contribution to the development and consolidation of Medical Tourism in Mexico was received with great pride by the Director of Marketing and Relations of Grupo Abadi, Lic. Deyi Infante, on behalf of the CEO of NewCity Medical Plaza, Lic. Isaac Abadi.

We congratulate the organizers of this event for their excellent work in promoting health tourism in Mexico to which NewCity Medical Plaza will always join to go hand in hand on the subject and promote Tijuana as the number 1 destination for Medical Tourism in Mexico.