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How To Get Here


We’re located 5 minutes away from the San Ysidro Border and there are different ways to get here from the San Diego Airport to your medical appointment:

  • Using the MST Bus 992:
    * Ask for a day pass, which covers bus and train for $6 usd.
    * To take the bus 992 towards downtown you should walk to Linberg Field & Terminal 2 West.*
    * When you get off the bus, you´ll see the Trolley Station across the street. Make sure you take the blue line toward San Ysidro  to get to the PedEast border.

  • Using trolley:
    * Buy the day pass to cover your return too.
    * Ride the Blue Line trolley all the way to the end of the line and get off at the last stop. (southbound trolley at any Blue Line trolley station).
    * You´ll arrive at the San Ysidro Trolley Station. From there, you’re just steps away from the border crossing.


  • Using a cab:
    * You can ask for the service outside the airport and the estimated cost is from $60 to $70 usd. The cab will take you towards the PedEast border.


  • Using Uber:
    * You can ask the service from your app, from the airport towards the PedEast border. The Comfort Service goes up to $65 usd, meanwhile Uber Black goes up to $100 usd.

Finally, to get here we have our Shuttle; free transportation just for you. To enjoy this service you just have to follow this simple steps:

  1. Schedule your drive: To make sure you arrive on time, schedule your pick-up time, just call +52 1 664 693 6505 or send us a WhatsApp.
  2. Confirm your schedule: send a message to confirm the day and time of your arrival with our concierge, this way you ensure your on-time medical appointment.
  3. Get to pick-up point: Upon exiting through the PedEast, simply walk down the sidewalk to the street and go to the pick-up point where our driver will be waiting for you. After 5 minutes you will arrive here. Plus, we take you back to the border once you’re ready to go back home.