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Oncologists in Tijuana


Dr. Cesar Infante

Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology

Dr. Cesar Infante


Dr. Julio César Zepeda

Oncologic Surgery
Oncologic Surgery

Dr. Julio César Zepeda

What is oncology?

Oncology is a medical specialty for cancer diagnosis and treatment. The role of the oncologist is key to the patient´s recovery and the preservation of their quality of life during the course of the disease. The importance of going to the oncologist begins with the diagnosis, education about the disease and the stage in which the patient is, in addition to knowing the treatment options to choose the most appropriate one.

Types of oncologists

In general, oncology has three main areas: clinical, surgical and radiation therapy.

  • Medical or clinical oncologists treat cancer using drugs, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or targeted therapy.
  • Surgical oncologists treat cancer by performing surgery to remove tumors and surrounding tissue, as well as performing biopsies to diagnose cancer.
  • Radiation oncologists treat cancer using radiation therapy, which is high doses of radiation directed at cancer cells and tissues such as tumors, in order to shrink and destroy them.

Oncology specialty areas:

  • Pediatric. The pediatric oncologist treats the cancer types that most affect children and adolescents, such as certain brain tumors, leukemia, Ewing's sarcoma, and osteosarcoma. Some of these cancers also affect adults, who may choose to be treated by a pediatric oncologist.
  • Gynecological. Oncologist specializing in the types of cancer treatment that affect the female reproductive system, such as cervical and ovarian cancer.
  • Hematology. Oncologist who focuses on diagnosing and treating cancerous cells in the blood, such as myeloma, lymphoma, and leukemia.

Types of Procedures to Treat Cancer


It is a type of treatment that uses drugs to kill cancer cells, stop or slow their growth, shrink tumors, cure the cancer, and reduce the chance that it will metastasize, or spread.


It is a type of treatment that uses biological therapy to help the immune system fight cancer, destroy abnormal cells, and prevent the development or slow the growth of many types of cancer.

Targeted therapy

It is a type of treatment that studies and fights changes in cancer cells to stop them from growing, dividing, and spreading. By having more information about cell changes, there is a better chance of providing treatment that targets these changes and blocks the effects they have on the patient's health.


It is a type of treatment that uses very high doses of controlled radiation to shrink tumors, kill cancer cells, and damage their DNA to stop their growth. It is important to note that radiotherapy does not destroy cancer cells immediately, several sessions are needed before their DNA is damaged, so that they continue to die weeks after the therapy has ended.

Hormone therapy

Treatment used for prostate and breast cancer. It consists of the use of hormones to stop the growth of cancer cells or slow their growth. Hormonal or endocrine therapy helps decrease the chance of the cancer coming back and is an alternative for men with prostate cancer who are not candidates for radiation or surgical treatments.

Stem cell transplant

It is a treatment for cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, neuroblastomas and multiple myeloma that consists of transplanting stem cells into the patient's bloodstream. These cells can be autologous (from the patient himself), synergistic (from an identical twin), or allogeneic (from a donor). This treatment helps the patient's white blood cells better fight cancer cells, increasing the success of other treatments to cure the cancer.

Surgical treatment

It is a treatment that is performed to remove solid tumors contained in one site. This can´t be used to fight cancer in the blood, such as leukemia, or for cancers that have spread. It is only appropriate to remove or reduce tumors that cause pain or pressure.

Frequent questions

What specialties does NewCity Medical have?

At NewCity Medical Plaza you will find doctors with all specialties and subspecialties for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

How long should I stay in Tijuana?

Depending on the type of treatment to be performed, you can stay for a week or several months, with the advantage that patients do not have to travel to other locations in Tijuana to receive comprehensive cancer treatment.

Why get treatment in Tijuana?

Mexico is the second destination for health tourism worldwide and Tijuana, in addition to being in a strategic geographical point due to its proximity to the United States, has high-quality services and excellent certified medical specialists with safety standards. With first world clinics and bilingual staff trained to provide humane care to all patients.

All this, with lower prices than those offered for patients in the United States, who take advantage of the proximity and ease of land access.

What is the recovery time?

In general, the recovery time depends on each person, the type of cancer and the treatment provided. Some patients recover after 6 months, while others take 2 to 3 years, during which time they can continue to be in contact with their oncologist.

How should the aftercare be?

Aftercare depends on cancer treatment. Most treatments require rest, a soft diet, attention to side effects. Talk to your doctor about follow up appointments and aftercare.

What is the success rate?

Being able to defeat this disease depends on the type of cancer, the stage in which it is found, the treatment provided and the patient's health conditions.

Are there alternatives to oncology?

Yes. There are many disciplines that can complement cancer treatment so that the patient has a better quality of life, especially against the side effects of the procedure, worries and stress related to the disease.

It is very important not to give up on the treatment recommended by the oncologist and complement it with activities and procedures such as meditation, yoga, physiotherapy, naturopathy, nutrition, as well as psychological and thanatological care.

This is the time to schedule your appointment. At New City Medical Plaza you will find the best oncologists in Tijuana for the treatment you need.