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What To Bring


We know that staying away from home can be nostalgic or challenging, but we want you to make the most of your visit with us. That’s why we made a checklist of things you might need. 

  1. Remember to confirm your medical appointment ( Our Doctors ).
  2. Make your hotel reservation ( Quartz hotel & spa ).
  3. Check the weather of the days you´re visiting us. 
  4. Always bring a sweater, Tijuana has fresh evenings.
  5. Lip balm, hand cream and hand sanitizer are a must.
  6. Sunscreen and sunglasses. 
  7. Your personal care products & medicines.
  8. Comfy Clothing.
  9. Reading material (books, magazines, etc.).
  10. Your electronics (phone charger, earplugs, tablet and or laptop).
  11. Your favorite nonperishable snacks. 
  12. A small significant object that reminds you of your loved ones.
  13. Make a playlist for your trip.

Also, we encourage you to bring any medical notes or health history and radiology images that your health care team has requested and has not previously submitted. If you need any medical exam, included Xray you can always have them here in Compass Imaging & Lab.


  – For North America: 

valid Passport or holders of valid US visas or Green Cards; and permanent resident cards or valid visas issued by Canada.

– Nationals from the following 69 countries: 

( Visa policy ) and territories holding ordinary passports do not need visa as tourist or business visitors to enter Mexico.

*Up to 180 days for travelers and corporate visitors in México. Up to 30 days will be spent by travelers in transit.

– International Patients:

Medical Tourism has become a new opportunity for international patients, who do not have competitive costs in health services. Some people lack appropriate insurance coverage in their own country and want to avoid excessive prices.

Procedures in Tijuana are exceptionally cautious and low-cost as compared to the United States and even Canada.

Our commitment is to give our foreign patients professional services.  Quality and service levels which give you peace of mind realizing that you´re trusting your life to the best hands.

We understand the importance of communication and comfort, especially in terms of your health.

Patients and their family members are encouraged in every phase of the preparation of a visit to our facility, including arranging appointments and booking their rooms in Quartz Hotel & Spa.